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Dr. Engelbert Heimes

(Chairman of the Supervisory Board, 2007 - 2021, H.C. Starck Group)

I have worked with Michael Reiß for 14 years. During this time, I was able to get to know and appreciate him as a person and proven expert on the subject of refractory metals. Rarely I have met a person who manages with his profound knowledge in materials technology to transform research & devlopment into value-adding, new products. His talent for implementing new ideas in process- based workflows and thus enabling new market access is unique in every respect. His enthusiasm transfers to his audience, employees and customers. His ability to analyze processes and transfer the findings into new product applications has led to more sustainability, more results and increased customer satisfaction in our company. My appreciation of Michael Reiß has also been felt by our employees, on the employee side and on our Supervisory Board. Michael Reiß, a person with whom it is a pleasure to work together in every respect and who is also a pleasure to exchange ideas on many other topics.

Cliff M. Seidlitz

(Vice President Europe & Asia, H.C. Starck Solutions GmbH)

In our company, Michael Reiß was a very productive, creative and tireless locomotive of various strategic initiatives, all of which he brought to the finish line to the complete satisfaction of the owners, management and staff. Characteristic of his way of working is, among other things, the regular exchange with employees on the basis and in staff functions, which provides him with a high level of motivation within the organization and important insights for his management decisions. Furthermore, Michael Reiß is able to capture comprehensive topics very quickly, break them down into their essential components and place them in a larger whole in a professionally sound manner.

Daniel Isler

(Founder & Managing Director, Miraculix AG & Fargate AG)

With his immense expertise, high-caliber personal network and profound market knowledge, Michael Reiß has been an extremely valuable sparring partner for us for more than 10 years, both in strengthening and improving existing business models and in developing and implementing new value propositions. For example, in a joint project with our company, Michael Reiß, as technical managing director, designed the transformation of a production site with 350 employees, consistently drove it forward and brought it to a successful conclusion.

Martin Haase

(Managing Director, Triplan GmbH)

Remarkable in the more than 10 years of cooperation with Michael Reiß is his steadfast attitude towards and consistent implementation of ethical principles, as they are known to have been practiced by honorable merchants for centuries. He combines this basic attitude with a special commitment to central future topics, such as sustainability, energy & materials management. In doing so, he applies both classic and agile project methods depending on the framework conditions. Furthermore, his way of working is based on a step-by-step approach and self-critical view with defined breakpoints, but still with a minimalistic administration. As a cosmopolitan person, his talking & acting is characterized by a holistic view of the world and people - with a positive charisma on his respective working environment.

Andreas Renner

(Executive Director, Steinbeis Institute for Effective Management)

Complex issues must be approached holistically or examined from different perspectives. This calls for solutions that simplify in the right place and take the necessary complexity into account in other places. These requirements are met by experts with holistic approaches that do not shy away from a deep understanding of the subject matter. Michael Reiß has mastered this skill. Even with the Health Promotion Canvas, which he teaches at Steinbeis Augsburg Business School, you can sense this depth and the burning passion he can devote to a subject.

Lennart Ermert

(Vice President Operations Chemicals, Imperial Chemical Logistics GmbH)

As a business consultant, Michael Reiß practices a holistic and value-based approach that helps me in management to face day-to-day challenges with greater openness, thus achieving a clarity that is an essential prerequisite for sustainable business decisions.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schnick

(Head of Faculty and Professor of Production Engineering, Koblenz University of Applied Sciences)

Michael Reiß is a strong project manager and team player with excellent social skills, integrity and the ability to lead his team members in a meaningful and value-oriented way, even in a VUCA environment. With these qualities, Michael Reiß was always highly regarded by his colleagues and employees in all projects. His professionalism, his sociability and his humor make him a particularly valuable sparring partner. Michael Reiß is a highly competent professional with a solid track record in the field of chemical-metallurgical production processes.

Dr. Jens Knöll

(Chief Executive Officer, 2016 - 2021, H.C. Starck Group)

With his profound knowledge of current technological developments and market trends - and not only in the field of materials science and additive manufacturing - Michael Reiß has repeatedly provided significant impulses for strategy development, as a source of ideas for innovations, and also for the development of process improvements along the entire value chain. His contributions were decisive for the further development of the H.C. Starck Group in many places.

Dietmar Baro

(Chairman Technology/Innovation Advisory Board, Felix Schoeller Group)

We have appointed Michael Reiß to the Felix Schoeller Group's Technology & Innovation Advisory Board due to his existing expertise in sustainability, defossilization, digitalization and the New Way of Working. Bundled with his experience and his great personal interest in these topics, he provides incredibly valuable input for our work. I don't make many recommendations, but with Michael Reiß I can do so with a clear conscience.

Ran Reznik

(Managing Partner, 2oneLab GmbH)

Already in the founding phase, Michael Reiß, as a business angel, contributed significantly to the development of our business model by asking smart questions and providing targeted advice, so that we only focus on value propositions that ensure a high level of satisfaction or great enthusiasm among the users of our 3D metal printing system. As a co-partner of our company, Michael Reiß attaches great importance to integral product development, taking into account the entire value chain. In addition, as a start-up company, we benefit enormously from his interdisciplinary experience in 3D metal or ceramic printing, from his worldwide business network and his many years as managing director in a global technology company.

Dr. Friedrich Karau

(Managing Partner, AMEPCO GmbH)

For many years Michael Reiß has been an active innovator and an integral part of our global projects in the field of materials and process development and plant engineering - with a focus on technology metals, engineering ceramics and composites. Due to his life motto ("There are more solutions than problems"), we always find an open ear for our complex tasks and continuously receive valuable impulses or creative solution proposals from him, which make the difference. Material and energy efficiency are very important to him in the development of our process and product innovations. His ability to analyze economic and technical aspects with equal competence and to evaluate them on the basis of his many years of experience should also be particularly emphasized; a characteristic that gives him a unique selling point.

Dr. Phillip Reisert

(Chief Executive Officer, C. Hafner GmbH & Co. KG)

As a 5th-generation family business that relies heavily on new technologies, we depend on sparring partners on our advisory board. As a member of this board, Michael Reiß is an important source of inspiration for us. His intensive experience with new technologies, innovation processes and the organization of interdisciplinary agile teams, makes him a very valuable source of critical review of our strategy as well as inspiration for new ways for our company. In addition, it is simply a pleasure to be in a continuous, stimulating exchange with Michael Reiß - an aspect that is often neglected in the day-to-day business of a company.


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